Calm by your side - Mellow Mellow Acid Versions and Remixes
MUCOCD-032 2019.10.9. on sale
01 Space is my Place (Mark Barrott’s Re<>Imagination to the Sacred Heart Center)
02 Afterglow and First Star (J Walk Remix)
03 Ending of Summer, Beginning Of Autumn (Yuri Shulgin Remix)
04 Sky, Color, Passing (Gallo's Mellow Mellow Acid Remix)
05 Shadow and Lights My Friend Dario's Etna's Breeze Remix)
06 Mellow Mellow Sadness (Calm's Mellow Mellow Acid Remix)
07 Shade of Tree (Alex Vincent Remix)
08 Before Landing (Lucas Croon Remix)
09 My Home Town (Mind Fair Remix)
10 You Can See The Sunrise Again (Cantoma Remix)

Chris Coco New Album “Indigo"
2018.12.5. (wed) on Sale (2,300 Yen)

Calm “by Your Side”に続いて、Calm主催Music Conceptionからのリリースは、Balearicレジェンドの一人Chris Cocoによる新作です。

初期の強烈なアシッドハウス作品、DJ Magazineの編集長、そしてイビザでのチルアウトDJとしてキャリアを積み上げ、現在はChris Coco名義でのバレアリックフィーリング溢れる作品をリリースし続けている彼の新作は、バレアリックという言葉だけでは説明できない様々な要素が詰まっている。
前作”My favorite place”はサンセットオレンジの印象を強く受けるが、今作はタイトル通りインディゴブルーをモチーフに、青、藍色、デニム、空の青さなどなどオーガニックな響きを大切に制作されている。



Written, performed and recorded at A Room, Ibiza; Calm’s Studio, Tokyo and Freedom Street, London
Mixed by Chris Coco at Freedom Street, London
Mastered by Calm

1 Event Horizon (In)
2 Pou Des Lleó
3 Indigo
4 You Are Exactly Where You Need To Be
5 Onda
6 La Torre
7 Slow Motion Saturday
8 Event Horizon (Out)

1 Event Horizon (In)
written and played by Chris Mellor / Antonio Prosper

2 Pou Des Lleó
written and played by Chris Mellor / Bandina Ie

3 Indigo
written and played by Chris Mellor / Calm
trumpet by Adrian French
percussion by Phil Clarke

4 You Are Exactly Where You Need To Be
written and played by Chris Mellor / Sebastian Lijla

5 Onda
written and played by Chris Mellor / Oora

6 La Torre
written and played by Chris Mellor
trumpet by Adrian French

7 Slow Motion Saturday
written and played by Chris Mellor

8 Event Horizon (Out)
written and played by Chris Mellor / Antonio Prosper / Sacha Puttnam


Chris Coco - Indigo


Indigo - after my last few trips to Japan I have become obsessed with the colour indigo. I have fallen in love with the way this beautiful, natural dye clings to different fabrics and how strongly it imprints itself, even on wood or denim. I also love the phrase indigo child, used to describe next-level children of the age of aquarius who can see beyond our current obsessions - money, sex, violence, power - to a better, more peaceful, more inclusive, more cooperative future.
So I love the colour, the word, the idea. But how to translate that into sound? On this album I have chosen not to work with any singers or use any lyrics. I have tried to let the music convey an intense, positive feeling that can be interpreted however the listener desires. I hope it will help open, inclusive thought processes, something that goes deep, Indigo thinking maybe?


Track by track:

1 Event Horizon (In)
A short introduction to the album, a collaboration with Antonio Prosper, an Ibiza resident and analogue synthesiser freak. He also appears on the closing track, another version of the same tune.

2 Pou Des Lleó
This piece began life as an ambient experiment, an attempt to capture the peaceful spirit of a beautiful, rugged, rocky series of coves on the north east side of the island of Ibiza. I never felt like it fulfilled its promise, or captured the majesty of the location until I handed it over to Danish group Bandina Ie. They added some subtle guitar elements and changed one note in the bassline to make the whole thing sing.

3 Indigo
The title track was started and co-written with Calm, at his studio in Tokyo. We wanted to create a slow motion disco groove that could be used for dancing or chilling. I changed some of the sounds and added live trumpet and percussion at my place in London but the original composition and the collaborative spirit of the original composition definitely remain intact.

4 You Are Exactly Where You Need To Be
We saw the sign as we drove up the dusty camino and thought yes, that’s right, and, yes, that should be the name of the song. This tune was written in two parts - first a dreamy summer sketch from Seb aka Hush Forever, then a reminiscent play in London, thinking about the summer just past. I think that’s why it feels nostalgic and new at the same time.

5 Onda
Onda is Italian for wave, this tune is a collaboration with Roman artist Oora. He’s currently based in Brooklyn, doing his thing with a box of analogue gear. We met at Stella Polaris festival in Denmark where we agreed to make something together. Shortly afterwards he sent me a wavy 303 line and a few other elements that make up the framework of this track.

6 La Torre
Dotted around the coast of Ibiza you can find a series of small towers that were used by the residents as defensive beacons and places of refuge from pirates and other invaders in times past. Now they provide useful destination markers for walks in the campo. In this ambient piece I have attempted to capture that wonderful feeling of peace and serenity that can be found sitting alone at the base of one of these towers enjoying a little late evening sun with just the light, the air, the sea and the moment.

7 Slow Motion Saturday
At the height of the summer on the island of Ibiza every day can feel the same. Saturday comes around a just floats along until it finally finds its own groove.

8 Event Horizon (Out)
We loop round and begin again. The final track on the album is an extended version of the first.
Here, Antonio is joined by Sacha Puttnam, who adds some orchestral elements that I dubbed out to make them almost invisible. All that remains is the melodic push and swell around the insistent top line.

Chris Coco, Daikokucho, Osaka 16 March 2018

Calm New Album
“by Your Side” (MUCOCD-030)
CD / Digital / Streaming
2018.7.25. Out
Vinyl Edition will be released from Hell Yeah Recordings
End of September 2018

01. Space is my place
02. 夜の始まりと最初の星 - Afterglow and First Star
03. 夏の終わりと言うべきか、秋の始まりと言うべきか - Ending of Summer, Beginning of Autumn
04. 刻々と変わる空の色- Sky, Color, Passing
05. Shadows and Lights
06. Mellow Mellow Sadness
07. 木陰にて - Shade of Tree
08. Before Landing
09. My Home Town
10. 陽はまた昇る - You can see the sunrise again

Calm “by Your Side”

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